Database Design, Implementation, Administration and Optimization.


We specialize and provide overall technical database related services in the Microsoft SQL Server domain of the market including:

  • Data Modeling,

  • Database Design,

  • Database Programming and Scripting,

  • Capacity Planning,

  • Monitoring,

  • Performance Tuning,

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

Many organizations came to realize that their databases must be looked after by qualified personnel - human resource that is hard to find.

We believe that part time engagement of highly qualified Database Administrator would be sufficient in most cases to support organization's database operations. High level of automation the SQL Server DBMS provides allows for cost reduction associated with day to day database administration activities.

We offer Database Administration services based on long running agreements of part time or on-request engagement of our highly qualified database administration specialists - something like having a maintenance contract with air conditioning specialist... More...


Development, maintenance & optimizations of IBM mainframe based software applications.   We provide services of highly qualified and experienced consultants in areas of System Analysis, Application Design & Advanced programming. The engagements are flexible - fixed price and cost plus based.
Building Integrated Software Solutions.

It is no secret that IT budgets are under enormous pressure for some time already. Immediate Return On Investment (ROI) is the name of the game, and business management expects on-time and on-budget delivery of software tools required for smooth business operations.

We offer our potential clients exactly that - on-time and on-budget delivery of Integrated Software Solutions built to their exact specifications. This service includes:

  • Analysis of Business Operations,

  • Detailed specification Business Requirements,

  • Detailed Design of a solution (transparent to clients),

  • Building final software product / tool (transparent to clients),

  • Training of client' staff,

In some cases where there is a market demand for a solution being built, we offer our clients a long term partnership and profit sharing arrangements to build a solution for a wider market with obvious benefits to both sides.